10 Nisan 2011 Pazar

Doctor Who ve Leverage

"There are several references throughout the show to Doctor Who (UK). In "Leverage" The Bank Shot Job (2008) Hardison expresses his frustration at the amount of time it took him to torrent the latest episode of "Doctor Who". In "Leverage" The Mile High Job (2009), the aliases given are all references to "Doctor Who" (Nate's aliases, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Tom Baker, all portrayed The Doctor while Sophie's alias is Sarah Jane Baker, a reference to Sarah Jane Smith, one of The Doctor's companions). Furthermore, in "Leverage" The 12-Step Job (2009), Nate again uses the alias Tom Baker, while Parker uses Rose, the name of another one of The Doctor's companions. In "The Three-Card Monty Job," Hardison and Eliot assume the aliases "Detective Moffatt" and "Detective Davies," two of the executive producers and head writers of the new series."

Eğer Doctor Who'yu Leverage'dan önce keşfetseydim bu bölümleri izlerken çok daha fazla eğlenebilirmişim. (Eğer mümkünse tabii.)

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